OPTIMISING BUILDING FORM AND WIND TOWERS IN DUBAI:Reducing  Energy Consumption in Contemporary University Architecture – Preeti Abhay Mogali, MArch Dissertation 2012

Unsustainable architecture of universities in the region consumes phenomenal amounts of energy for air- conditioning. Therefore the dissertation focuses on strategies to radically transform university typologies in Dubai by incorporating climatically responsive building strategies and promoting an acceptance of adaptive comfort. Investigation of the climate proves that there is an untapped potential for comfort ventilation for cooling half the year, provided adequate velocities are provided, Vernacular precedents reveal the capability of wind towers to extend comfort through physiological cooling, which is tested extensively as part of the analytical study. The fundamentals of building design for the region are explored through literature review and precedents, in order to minimize thermal shock that occurs frequently in the region. Incorporation of the research within the design proposal aims to create a precursor to regionally adept architecture. Investigation into appropriate shading stratigies and dimensioning of the transitional spaces seek to promote their use and improve quality of student life. Education of sustainable building research is the primary goal of the university, which celebrates the wind tower functionally and aesthetically as a nostalgic reminder of Dubai’s heritage.