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Hi everyone, we have 6 honourable guests from SED programme will be giving us the lecture at 4pm tomorrow, 26th May, on zoom including:

1. Carlos Estrada-Zubia (MA 2004) Founder ODA, Professor Monterrey Tech, Mexico
2. Amy Holtz Mathys (MA 2005) Director, PLP Architecture, London
3. Daniel Chad McKee (MSc 2015), Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University, HK
4. Maria Chiara Multari (MSc 2017) Renzo Piano Workshop, Genoa, Italy
5. Farah Naz (MArch 2008) Leader Sustainability & Innovation, Buro Happold, Dubai, UAE
6. Michael Smith Masis (MSc 2008) Founder Entre Nos Atelier, San Jose, Costa Rica

You are all invited to join the event on zoom via this following link on 4pm

Image source: Amy Holtz Mathys, PLP Architecture, 22 Bishopsgate
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Tomorrow at 4pm, we have 6 SED alumni students will be giving the lecture to current students via zoom including:

1. Alexandre Hepner (MSc 2011) Founder Partner Studio ARKIZ, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2. Daniel Ibarra Flores (MArch 2018) Architect, Mexico City
3. Minche Mena Deferme (MSc 2008) Director, SHINE Architecture, Bogota, Colombia
4. Julia Torrubia-Aznarez (MArch 2016) Consultant, Hurley Palmer Flatt, London
5. Elena Vilches Alvarez (MSc 2016) Founder Partner ENMEDIO Studio, Seville, Spain
6.Juliane Wolf (MSc 2011) Design Principal & Partner, Studio Gang, Chicago, USA

Image source: Alexandre Hepner_Amazon Research Network_2011
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4 months ago

AA SED_ Architectural Association Sustainable Environmental Design

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SED l Refurbishing the city- Mid-Term Presentations
10 February 2020
#aased #aaschool #postgraduate
#climatecrisis #climatechange
#environment #performance #comfort
#sustainablearchitecture #sustainable
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SED student Allen Kwun Pui Lai presenting his MArch Dissertation Project "Breathable Density: Passive Cooling for High-Rise Living in Hong Kong" at the first Jury in Translation, Mandarin and English, AA Lecture Hall, Friday 24 January 2020.
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Celebrating on Graduation Day



AA SED End of Year Show


Merge Studio, Varun Kohli’s (AA SED MSc 2006) New York based architectural practice is currently on site with a new building in Bangalore, India:




Joao Oliveira Cotta’s (AA SED MSc 2012) architectural practice Oliveira Cotta Arquitetura wins international competition for the headquarters of the Electric Power Company in Northern Brazil.



Suraksha Bhatla AA (SED MArch 2011) wins in 2015 eVolo Skyscraper Competition

DSCN0900 India’s Slum population is expected to surge to 104 million (9% of the national population) by 2017. As the nation’s disparity between the rich and poor deepens, the number of people living below poverty line (<1$ per day) has doubled over the last decade. Chennai city’s Nochikuppam slum is home to 5,000 fishermen families living in less than 1,500 shanties making it the third largest slum dwelling amongst the Indian metropolises. The rise of city’s squatters over the past decade indicated the struggle to cope with rapid urbanisation and the lack of political will, resulting in the failure of the government to regularise and successfully build resettlement tenements. The government’s only indirect response to such slums has been the construction of large-scale resettlement colonies on the outskirts of the city rather than recognising improving residents’ access to services.

Shanty-Scraper aspires to provide a unique solution for the fishermen of Nochikuppam located at Marina bay beach. The vertical squatter structure predominately is comprised of post-construction debris such as pipes and reinforcement bars that crucially articulate the structural stability. Recycled corrugated metal sheets, regionally sourced timber & thatch mould the enclosure of each dwelling profile and lend to their vernacular language. The double height semi enclosures serve as utility yards & social gathering spaces. The vertical transportation is fragmented into multiple plank lifts that are constructed from a simple mechanically driven lever & pulley contraption. The rhythmic timber lattice membrane structure at the ground level, houses the public sea food market, & forms the first level of defence against future tsunamis. The high rise typology serves as a vantage point for the fishermen to gauge high risk waters & during emergencies.


AA SED at PLEA 2014 Conference in Ahmedabad, India

An exhibition of twelve MSc and MArch dissertation projects by SED graduates from India was presented at the PLEA 2014 Conference “Sustainable Habitat for Developing Societies” held at CEPT University, Ahmedabad 16-18 December 2014.


SED MArch 2015  Catalogue of AA SED MArch Dissertation Projects 2015

MArch Dissertation Projects 2014

A selection of AA SED MArch Dissertation Projects completed in February 2014

SED study trip to Lisbon  to explore the city’s urban morphology and microclimates

SED MArch Showcase 2014 Catalogue of SED MArch Dissertation Projects 2014; see also SED entry to the Graduate Honours Projects exhibition which opened at the new AA Graduate Gallery.