MArch Dissertation Projects

AA SED Master of Architecture MArch 2018 +

AA SED Master of Architecture  MArch 2017 +

AA SED Master of Architecture MArch 2016 +

  • Antonio AlmeidaRefurbishment of Fishing Village, Trafaria, Portugal
  • Sandheep Ellangovan Small Structures for Outdoor Comfort in Chennai, India
  • Oindrila Ghosh Revitalising the Informal City, Kolkata, India
  • Irene Giglio Retrofitting Project for the Corviale, Rome, Italy
  • Nimya Mariam Urban Living in Warm-Humid Climates, Cochin, India
  • Wasinee Prasongsumrit Shophouse Prototype, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Cindrella Semaan Integrating vernacular strategies into contemporary buildings, Adma, Lebanon
  • Monica Toledo Commercial Boulevard as New Urban Plaza, Santiago, Chile
  • Julia Torrubia Aznárez Dynamic skins for office buildings, Madrid, Spain
  • Ameer Mustafa Varzgani Daylight in Art Galleries and Museums, London, UK
  • Jiaji Yang Low-Income Community, Guangzhou, China
  • Daniel Zepeda Free-Running Office Buildings in Guadalajara, Mexico

AA SED Master of Architecture  MArch 2015 +

AA SED Master of Architecture  MArch 2014 +

AA SED Master of Architecture MArch 2013

AA SED Master of Architecture  MArch 2012 +

AA SED Master of Architecture  MArch  2011 +

  • Suraksha Bhatla. Tall Communities: Passive Urban Housing for the Tropics
  • Ruth Dominguez. Habitat of pilgrims in Saint James Way:The use of water walls for transient spaces.
  • Miguel Cardona Firpi. Re-Thinking the Creda Agenda in Barcelona: Designing adaptive urban living environments in a courtyard block.
  • Celina Escobar. Reinterpretation of Residential Courtyard Typology in Seville: Density studies and Environmental Strategies.
  • Pablo Gugel. Pushing the Climate Boundaries for Urban Earth-Sheltered Housing in Spain
  • Constanza Jorquera. Achieving thermal comfort with passive means in a detached house central-southern Chile.
  • Pamela Kravetsky. Urbanising the Detached House in Winnipeg’s Extreme Climate: Low Energy Design Through Strictly Passive Means.
  • Amy Leedham. Re-humanizing the Hospital: Sustainable Innovations for Healthcare Architecture (Distinction).
  • Didar Ozcelik. Underground Indoor Rock Climbing Center, Alacati,Turkey
  • Jeewon Paek. Environmental Performance of Adaptive Building Envelope Design: Urban housing in Seoul, Korea
  • Francisco Ramirez. Modular Low Carbon “Strawcrete”: Self-Built Application for a Rural Community in South Central Chile.
  • Rodrigo Rodrigues. Dynamic Roof Structures for Retail Use: A prototype for low energy design in a temperate climate.
  • Fanor Serrano. Massive Timber Construction: An energy efficient urban infill in London.
  • Orapim Tantipat. Multi-storey housing in the tropical city, Bangkok

AA SED Master of Architecture MArch 2010 +

  • Isha Anand. Contemporzing Religious Architecture.
  • Chanasit Cholasuek. Sustainable Low Income Community in Bangkok.
  • Jose Antonio Espinoza de Tudela. Post Disaster Housing for Chile
  • Olga Maria Conto Sterling. Learning Environments in Informal Settlements, Colombia.
  • Anuja Pandit. Contemporary Indian Housing, Pune, India  – Making use of transition spaces as social and climatic mediator.
  • Katerina Pantazi. Urban Metaphors : Exploring the Urban Roofscape Of Athens.
  • Gilda Riveros. Urban Social Housing in Colombia.
  • Saranti, K. Architectural Microclimatic Interventions in a Square_Patras Greece.
  • Stojkovic, M. Dynamic Office Building Façade In Temperate Climate.
  • Alexandra Theodorou. Accommodating Change: Housing in London

AA SED Master of Architecture MArch 2009 +

  • Jorge Eduardo De Souza Hue. Design of a Cultural Centre in Madureira, Rio De Janeiro.
  • Eric Blake Jackson. (Bedford)2: Rethinking The AA Graduate School-Scheme for a Bioclimatic Live/Work Facility.
  • Gwenedd Murray. Ecological Learning Centre for the Marin Academy, San Rafael, California: Perception of Comfort within Naturally Ventilated Classrooms.
  • Lucy Ely Querales. Re-shaping Energy Efficient Buildings through Microclimatic Assessment: Caracas Case.
  • Ekachai Sophonudomporn. Dynamic Daylighting Responsive: A Design Proposal for an Art Gallery.
  • Anya Thomas. Gone Fishing. Self help development for low income fishing communities in Sri Lanka

AA SED Master of Architecture MArch 2008 +

  • Kanika Agarwal. Residential Cluster, Ahmedabad: Development of a Housing Community Based on   the traditional pol housing.
  • Yasamin Arbabi. High Altitude Design: Optimising Residential Architecture in the Alborz Mountain.
  • Tiffany D.Broyles. Ground UP: Defining an Architectural Typology for the Urban Farm.
  • Vidhi Gupta . Rethinking “Openings and Voids” in the design of a “Quality Workspace”
  • Krista Murray Raines. Rethinking the Underground Passenger Environment.
  • Annie Diana Babu. A Low Energy Passenger Terminal Building for Ahmedabad Airport, India.
  • Lai Min-Hui. Low Energy Row House Community in Kaohsiung (South Taiwan).
  • Farah Naz. Energy Efficient Garment Factories in Bagladesh.

AA SED Master of Architecture MArch 2007 +

  • Giles Bruce. High Density, Low Energy. Achieving solar access for Dublin’s  multi – storey apartment developments.
  • Haven Burkee. Comfort in the Keys: Low energy residential design in the Florida Keys.
  • Natalia Kokosalaki. Lightweight Stadium for Hot Climates.
  • Sayed Z. Majidi. Next Stop Kabul – rapid structures and climate context.