Byron Mardas

1efa0e5 BYRON MARDAS   DipArchEng MSc (AA E+E) LEED AP (BD+C)
Byron Mardas studied architecture and urbanism at the National Technical University of Athens and worked as an architect in Athens before taking the MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design at the AA. He has joined the SED teaching staff since 2013 focusing on software and advanced computational methods. In 2014 he joined Foster and Partners where he works as an Senior Environmental Design Analyst. He is involved in the environmental assessment and improvement of several projects worldwide. His goal is to enable better integration of environmental thinking during the design process with the use of parametric and dynamic techniques.

2004-2011 Master of Architecture in National Technical University of Athens, Department of Achitecture
2012-2013 MSC in Sustainable Environmental Design in AA school of Architecture, London

2013-2014 Teaching Assistant at AA E+E MSc / MArch Sustainable Environmental Design
2014-        Course Tutor at AA E+E MSc / MArch Sustainable Environmental Design

Has given lectures at the Manchester School of Architecture (MSA) on advanced computational methods for environmental design.

2008-2011 M.S.KAT civil works, Athens
2013 – Senior Environmental Designer at Foster and Partners
2015 – Has been part of the Ladybug Tools team, assisting on some of the tool development.

2016 – AEC Symposium and Hackathon in NYC
2017 – AEC Symposium and Hackathon in NYC
2017 – Presented at the IBPSA-UK on the use of Honeybee for Daylight studies.