Jorge Rodriguez Alvarez



Jorge Rodríguez Álvarez studied architecture and urbanism at ETSAC, completed a Master in Building Conservation & Urban Regeneration at USC and was awarded a distinction in the MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design at the AA.  He is a cofounder partner of SAAI ( a laboratory of environmental design and specialized consultancy  with undergoing projects in Spain, China and America. He is currently at the last stage of his PhD thesis about sustainability at the urban scale with a focus on densification processes and industrial sites. He is a course tutor in Sustainable Environmental Design at the AA since 2008 and lectures about Landscape & Sustainability at ETSAC, Spain


1995-2002 BArch Architecture & Urbanism, Escola Técnica Superior de Arquitectura da Coruña, Spain

2006-2007 MA in Building Conservation and Urban Regeneration, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

2007-2008 MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design (Distinction), Environment & Energy Studies Programme, AA Graduate School


2008- Master Programmes Environment & Energy Studies and Sustainable Environmental Design, AA Graduate School

2009- Sustainability, Impact and Environment course at UDC, Spain


2002-2006 Project designer in Glez-Cebrian Architecture and Urbanism, Spain

2003- Registered Architect in Spain

2006-07 Researcher and Project manager in AA Santiago

2007-08 Building conservation consultant for Galician Government, Department of Housing

2008-11 Cultural Centre in Pontevedra, competition- 1st prize – and construction

2009- Founding partner SAAI. Sustainable Architecture consultants

2010- BREEAM Communities adaptation to Spain (BREEAM ES)

2011- Mixed use development in Sihui, China (SAAI design)

2011- Mixed use development in Dachong, China (SAAI design)


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