Mariam Kapsali

1efa0e5Mariam Kapsali graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the National Technical University of Athens and won an IKY scholarship to the MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design at the AA which she completed with distinction. She has been a member of the SED teaching staff since 2012 and is also a Research Associate in the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development at the School of Architecture Oxford Brookes University. Prior to joining the Architectural Association Mariam worked as an architect in Athens. She is currently working on government funded research in Building Performance Evaluation of sustainable domestic and non-domestic buildings in the UK.


2012   MSc Sustainable Environmental Design, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK

2011   Diploma in Architectural Engineering, School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, Greece


2013 – present Research associate in Building Performance Evaluation, Low Carbon Building Group, Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development, Oxford Brookes University

2012 – present Course tutor at the MSc/MArch Sustainable Environmental Design Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK

2010 Architect at Anastopoulos Architects, Athens, Greece

2008 Architect at Touliatos Architects and Engineers, Athens, Greece

2007 Research Assistant in Urban Planning, School of Architecture, Department of Planning, National Technical University of Athens


• Gupta, R. and Kapsali, M. (forthcoming). ‘How effective are ‘close to zero’ carbon new dwellings in reducing actual energy demand: Insights from the UK’, 30th International PLEA Conference, 16-18 December 2014, Ahmedabad, India
• Gupta, R. and Kapsali, M. (2014). ‘Evaluating the effect of occupant behaviour and expectations on actual energy use and environmental conditions in ‘sustainable’ social housing in South East England’, 8th International Windsor Conference 10-13th April 2014, UK
• Gupta, R. and Kapsali, M. (2014). ‘Evaluating the ‘as-built’ performance of an exemplar eco-housing development in the UK’, CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposium Proc., 3-4th April 2014, Dublin, Ireland